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What has brought you here today?

Are you frustrated by problems in your career, finances, health, relationships, emotions, behaviors, or family?

I help people SOLVE or IMPROVE problems every day, through either in-person (Los Angeles area) or phone counseling (in California) or phone coaching (outside of California).

I’m Ken Howard, LCSW, a licensed psychotherapist (#LCS18290) in West Hollywood, California, with over 20 years experience in counseling, psychotherapy, and coaching, with individuals and couples.

I’m also on the faculty of the USC School of Social Work, teaching clinical practice, and the author of “Self-Empowerment: Have the Life You Want!”. 

I’m also a motivational speaker and conference workshop presenter. 

What is challenging you right now?      


  • Are you feeling depressed, such as not feeling good about yourself, feeling that no one is really there for you, being unmotivated, losing enthusiasm for work or life, or that the future looks dull or mundane?
  • Are you feeling stressed about work before the day even begins, or exhausted from stress once it’s over?
  • Have you been anxious, on-edge, or sleepless, due to some stressful condition or event?
  • Are you anxious due to something related to the Recession and economy, such as being laid off from your job?
  • Are you trying to get control of anger?
  • Are you trying to deal with the feelings and memories of having been abused when you were younger – physically, emotionally, or sexually?


  • Do you dream of changing your career, or opening your own business?
  • Do you want to learn how to better cope with the job you have?
  • Are you a small business owner, but you want to learn how to be more successful (whatever that means for YOU), earn more money, be more focused, get more business/customers, or get along better with your employees or co-workers?
  • Are you an executive who needs a private and discreet setting to talk about personal or work issues?


  • Are you and a boyfriend or partner not having sex?
  • Are you having sex outside your relationship and you’re feeling like there is no one safe to talk about it with?
  • Do you have a partner  you love, but you’re frustrated that the two of you argue too frequently about chores, sex, drinking, money, or stress?
  • Are issues of jealousy or suspicion affecting the quality of your relationship?
  • Are you frustrated that time keeps going by, you get older, and you still don’t have a boyfriend or partner?


  • Are you scared of what the future may hold because you’ve recently tested positive for HIV?
  • Do you have a chronic health condition, and need emotional support to cope with it?
  • Does a partner or family member have a serious health condition that’s affecting you?


  • Do you have concerns that you are drinking too much, or using party drugs too often?
  • Do you have concerns about an addiction other than drugs or alcohol, such as sex, gambling, food, or spending?
  • Are you, or someone you love, concerned, worried, or scared by your use of crystal meth or another  recreational drug?

I “get you.”  I’ve been a psychotherapist and life/business coach for over 20 years, specializing in helping people just like YOU, who have had problems like yours — and solved them!  

What do you gain by hiring Ken Howard, LCSW as your personal therapist/coach?

I help you to…


  • Feel better about yourself, become more motivated, and reinvigorate your outlook.
  • Come to terms with stressful events and feel confident and empowered
  • Reduce stress, and find ways to be energized and involved in your life.
  • Cope with the Recession adapatively and confidently; stabilize your life again
  • Learn to relax and manage anger
  • Feel more relaxed and comfortable in situations that used to provoke anxiety
  • Come to terms with being an abuse survivor, process what happened, heal through the pain, and live well on the other side of it


  • Develop strategies for taking control of your career and planning your dreams to become reality
  • Learn techniques for surviving and thriving while in the same job
  • Take your business to the next level of success, income, and influence
  • Plan your career, learn new skills, prepare for advanced education, or improve professional networking
  • Learn to get the most out of your staff, and have more time for your life


  • Learn how to “thaw” a sexual relationship that’s become frozen
  • Come to terms with an affair – yours or his
  • Learn the skills of commitment, communication, and compromise that lead to easy chores, better sex, clearer finances and lower stress
  • Resolve issues of mistrust and jealousy, to realistically commit to one another
  • Gain assertive communication skills to ask for — and get — what you want
  • Learn how to be the Eligible Bachelor you want to be, to find a relationship
  • Learn to love your body – not battle it
  • Develop strategies for social anxiety to be less isolated, and put yourself confidently “out there” so you can meet someone you like — or love


  • Learn how to survive  — and THRIVE – with chronic illness – and that life does go on, your dreams are still possible and important, and that you can be healthy and confident again. (I know; I’ve been living with HIV successfully myself for over 20 years now…)
  • Learn how to cope with other chronic health conditions, to live your best life now
  • Learn how to support someone you love with a serious illness – without losing YOURSELF


  • Feel heard and understood about what substances mean to you
  • Understand the relationship to a substance – its good and bad qualities
  • Learn to be liberated from the tyrrany of addiction
  • Understand what “sex addiction” is – and what it’s not (hint: it starts with self-esteem, and it ends with REALLY GOOD sex)

How I Work

I provide you with a private, safe, confidential space to come each week, at a time set aside just for you, with my undivided attention, where you can work toward goals that are important to you that support your quality of life. The theme of my practice is “Self-Empowerment” — which is developing and evoking the power in YOURSELF to address the things that bother you, and achieve a much higher quality of life — through various psychological techniques, strategies,  and resources that I will teach you. Many people think they have to really “need” therapy to work with a therapist; that’s not true. Our work can begin whenever you WANT it to. There is really no such thing as people who “need” therapy versus people who don’t. Everyone could benefit from knowing themselves better and setting goals to improve their life.  Everyone “needs” therapy who simply wants to make a change in their life, or who wants to reach an important goal, and could use some support to do it. The most common technique I use is called the cognitive-behavioral approach. This is a very interactive technique to change the way you think about yourself, which changes the way you feel, which changes your behaviors, which then changes your life. With some people, I also draw from a more casual “life coaching” approach, where you learn how to get more things done, deal with anger, manage your time, deal with drinking or using, make a budget, plan your career, feel better about yourself, or communicate better with others.

I draw on over 20 years of professional experience in providing counseling, psychotherapy, and coaching to men and women just like you, and from my own lifetime experiences.

To contact me for more information or a free brief telephone consultation, or to schedule an appointment, call 310-726-HELP (4357) or email me at

Breaking News!  I am very grateful to be named one of the Top Ten ”Deserving and Dedicated Social Workers” of the Year by Social Work Today magazine!  Link is here.

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