Motivational Speaking by Ken Howard, LCSW

Are you a meeting planner or conference organizer looking for a dynamic, informative, humorous, and overall VALUABLE speaker?_MG_0258

Then we should definitely talk.

In the 20 years I’ve been a psychotherapist, I have also been a professional speaker, giving speeches, workshops, and seminars on a variety of topics for many varied audiences of both laypeople and professionals, locally and nationally.

My services as a speaker can help you to develop an informative conference, inspire and entertain your audience for staff retreats, sales meetings, and trainings.  I do speeches and workshops on “tips for healthy living”, gleaned from working with thousands of clients and observing how they overcome obstacles, solve problems, and become empowered to “Have the Life You Want!”.  These areas can include improved health, behaviors, relationships, career planning, job/time/stress management, finances, community involvement, and overall quality of life.

The list below is a sampling of the presentations that I give most often to organizations, companies, and civic groups.  Choose from the list below, or contact me with your specific conference or event needs, and I can develop an event that will satisfy your audience.

Contact me at, or at 310-726-4357, for more information.


“How to Have the Life You Want” – Inspirational tips for extraordinary living.  Learn how to close the gap between how life is, and how you would like it to be, in important areas of life such as work/career, relationships, finances, and place in the community.

“Moved to Move: Enhancing Motivation for Personal Fitness” – Embracing exercise, fitness, and personal self-care as a lifestyle for good.  Audience can be groups of women, men, adolescents, mixed audiences.  Includes concepts of self-love, self-care, tips for living based on Jack Canfield’s book, “The Success Principles”, and Louise L. Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life”, integrating the mind-body concepts of optimal living.  Includes anecdotes from Ken Howard’s personal experience as an amateur Cirque du Soleil-style circus acrobat.

“Coping with the Recession” – Specific, meaningful, inspirational tips for coping with the economic downtown of 2007-2009, integrating how a person takes care of themselves personally, professionally, socially, and financially, in the midst of a national economic crisis, learning techniques to help survive during the crisis, and to develop tips for successful living that will last long after the Recession is over.

“No More ‘Cheating’: How to Have an Open Relationship Without Hurt Feelings – A Workshop for Couples” – No word in relationships is as emotionally charged as “cheating”.  But beyond the hysterical connotations of violations of monogamy agreements, is a deeper exploration of relationship dynamics, and reconciling between sexual impulses versus domestic and social pressures and constraints.  Helps couples achieve peace of mind, self-empowerment, and powerful choices and agreements based on love, not social pressures.  Helps couples find ways to solve their own problems, and be free of feelings of jealousy, insecurity, and abandonment, replacing these feeling-states with a life-long domestic arrangement for security, love, companionship, joy and intimacy.

“How to Have Healthy & Happy Holidays” – Take the stress out of the holiday season, and bring on the joy — regardless of spiritual affiliation.  Teaches how to enjoy the cultural ritual of the holiday season, not be a victim to it.


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