Therapy and Coaching for Actors, Writers & Other Entertainment Industry Professionals in Los Angeles/West Hollywood with Ken Howard, LCSW

I know how you might be feeling.

You’re a creative professional who is balancing doing current work while planning and networking for future work.

You’re struggling to get established, or  you’re already established, but you’re concerned about staying that way. 

You’re working — a lot — and you’re trying to balance having a professional identity, with all its demands and rewards, with also having a personal life — with all of its demands and rewards. 

Sometimes the feelings are about things other than work.  A stress in your relationship has you worried, guilty, or angry.  A concern about whether something — a substance or a behavior — has become an addiction and intrudes on your thoughts when you need or want to be thinking of something or someone else.  An experience in your past interferes with your ability to thrive in the present. 

As a licensed psychotherapist living in Los Angeles, very often my work includes providing therapy and coaching (depending on your needs) to people who are actors, writers, designers, and other creative professionals who work in the entertainment industry. My clients include some of the most accomplished and award-winning contributors to film and television, but they still need and want support for the development of their careers, and to balance their work and personal life.

I have 20 years experience as a therapist and coach in Los Angeles.  I have also gained a perspective over those 20 years on how creative professionals cope with and resolve some of the most common challenges of working in the entertainment industry.

Some of these common challenges I help clients resolve include:

- Coping with rejection as a freelance creative professional
- Being a self-employed person with variations in income and concerns about insurances or taxes
- Balancing a demanding work life of long hours and creative pressures, with personal health, relationships, and recreation
- Working as a creative professional who is living with a psychiatric or physical disability
- Overcoming creative blocks for scripts, stories, “arcs”, and cliffhangers
- Developing new projects that are creatively satisfying and express your particular values and interests
- Enhancing assertiveness and effectiveness in a writers’ room
- Improving a relationship working with, or as, a show runner
- Enhancing your ability to network with others in the industry
- Diversifying a creative body of work outside of one’s usual niche
- Overcoming a problem with substance addiction or behavioral addiction
- Resolving interpersonal issues (childhood, partner/spouse, family) that interfere with the creative process
- Planning a long-term career strategy that is financially, creatively, and personally satisfying

All of these, and others, can be a part of your therapy and coaching process.

I am in my office Monday through Friday, in West Hollywood, located on Santa Monica Boulevard just across from Barney’s Beanery and the Veterans Memorial Fountain.  Sessions are usually once per week for 50 minutes, day or evening.  Phone sessions are available if you can’t make it into the office, and coaching consultation via email message exchange is also possible.  In rare cases, on-set or location services are possible via special arrangement.

All services are confidential and provided with discretion.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call me at 310-726-4357

I look forward to helping you…Have the Life You Want!

(Please note that although my name is Ken Howard, LCSW, I am no relation to the “Ken Howard” who is an actor and former President of the Screen Actors Guild.)

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  • John:

    Id love to chat sometime both personally and professionally.


  • Don:

    I clicked on your ad on FB, so it did work. And it all sounds interesting. But what puzzles me is why you don’t have your name identified in a more Professional manner. I don’t mean that you are “unprofessional” I just mean in a more “officious” style, I guess. If it wasn’t for the guy John above making a comment and you commenting, I’d never know who ad this is; you don’t have your name on your own website at all! You have: “For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call me at 310-726-4357″, but we don’t know who you are. And especially with a name already identified with a know actor, unless that’s supposed to be a gimmick of sorts. I seriously thought it was KH the for President of the SAG/actor leaving a comment, then I had to search around to try to figure if you are also a “KH”. Why don’t you have, “Therapy and Coaching for Actors, Writers & Other Creative Professionals”, with Ken Howard?
    There is nothing on your page that suggests anything less than professional. It’s just we don’t know who the guy is that’s advertising Therapy and Coaching.

    • Ken Howard:

      Thank you so much for pointing this out. I will make some changes to the website that emphasizes my name. You are correct; I am no relation to “Ken Howard” of acting fame, and the distinction should be made clear.
      Ken Howard, LCSW

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